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Tips for New Retailers to Dominate Wholesale Cellphone Accessory Sales

Cellphone manufacturing is a continuously expanding industry. By 2020 there will be at least 2.87 billion smartphone users worldwide. Cellphone sales are solidly growing. Nonetheless, the cellphone accessory business can be highly competitive. Stay competitive by stocking your storefront well with wholesale cellphone accessories.

Here are tips for new cellphone accessory retailers and wholesalers to get ahead of the pack:

Invest in Quality Products 

Win the long game. Poor quality products lead to high numbers of returns and bad reviews. Before buying wholesale cellphone accessories in bulk, order samples from manufacturers. Test accessories to ensure that the products are high-quality. Also, read customer reviews. These will give you insight on the quality and how many people are interested in the product. Check out the reviews of the wholesaler or manufacturer also—a solid guarantee and good customer experience are strong signs. You want your distributor to be playing the long game, too.

Provide a Unique Product Mix 

With every new phone model, there is an opportunity to add variety to your store. A range of wholesale cellphone accessories draws more customers. With products ranging from Metro PCS phone cases to phone pouches, meet all your customers’ cellphone accessory needs. You can also appeal to a customer’s personal style with a selection of cellphone case designs that caters to both men and women, teens and adults. That’s why Valor’s flagship TUFF case has over 80+ color combinations and styles to choose from - the options are endless.

Focus on Your Store/Website Design 

Whether you sell in-store or online, presenting your products in an appealing layout helps boost profits.

  • Selling in-store - Think of ways you can arrange your products so that they are eye-catching. Place products that you most want to sell on eye-level shelves and visible to the visitors as they walk by your storefront.
  • Selling online - Use high-quality photos to show off each and every product. Include multiple photos of each product at different angles. Providing photos of the products in real life situations helps increase the chance of a sale.

Sell at Competitive Prices

Don’t pay for a name. Or, at least vary your inventory. Purchasing wholesale cellphone accessories from off-brand manufacturers provides a higher profit margin because it increases profit per individual unit. The larger the bulk order, the lower the unit price. Bigger cellphone brands, such as Otterbox and LifeProof, are controlled by minimum advertised price (MAP). While these brands are well known, you have less freedom to create margins suitable for your business. 

Ready to enter the cellphone accessory market? Sign up as a wholesaler or retailer for Valor. Valor has the largest inventory of high-quality wholesale cellphone accessories in the industry—without the brand name price tag. With over 16,000+ items, we provide accessories that appeal to all your customers.

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