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Top Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories to Buy in Bulk

The new Samsung smartphone, the Samsung S9 Galaxy is now available. The latest Samsung smartphone started making waves and turning heads as soon as the first reviews were out. Chances are very high that your customers have been asking you about your Samsung S9 Galaxy wholesale accessories. Well, the good news is that we can help you out – we’ve got a deep range of Samsung S9 Galaxy accessories for you to choose from, and remember we only stock the best quality accessories.

We’ve put together a list of what we expect to be our most popular Samsung S9 Galaxy accessories. Browse our list below and then take a look at our complete selection of Wholesale Galaxy S9 Plus phone accessories.  If you don’t see what you want, contact us – our team is here to help you get the wholesale Samsung accessories you need to please your customers. 

Here are the six wholesale Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories you should be focusing on in your supply orders, followed by a short list of other items that would also be a good idea to have in stock.

TUFF Hybrid Protector Cover - Military-Grade Certified

1. Galaxy S9 Hybrid Cases

“Hybrid” phone cases combine two types of protective material in a multi-layered construction: a soft, rubberized coating on the inside for shock absorption and a rigid plastic layer on the outside for armor-like protection. 

MYBAT’s TUFF hybrid protector covers are rugged, stylish and military-grade certified by the nationally recognized testing laboratory: MET Labs. The TUFF endured the transit drop test which assures the case can withstand various stressors and environmental conditions during actual use. With more than 30 styles to choose from, you’ll have something to satisfy every type of customer!

Bumper Sturdy Candy Skin Cover

2. Galaxy S9 Clear Cases

In terms of the best option for your stock of wholesale Galaxy S9 covers, it’s hard to beat the Candy Skin Covers, which are thin, lightweight, and transparent. They are made with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic clear TPU that cushions the phone from shocks and bumps.

Diamante MyJacket Wallet

3. Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases

Wallet phone cases are an incredibly popular smartphone item, so you will need to have a good stock of wholesale Galaxy S9 wallets. The best wallet cases are attractive and stylish while providing full coverage from front to back and offering slots and compartments to carry credits cards and money.

Type-C Braided Leather Data Cable - 3.3 ft

4. Type-C Cables

You’ll want to carry the most up-to-date and innovative cables. Stocking the right charging cables will make life much easier for your customers and also make it easy to get through your cable inventory because the products will sell themselves.

MYBAT’s type-C cables are smaller, smarter, faster and more convenient than traditional micro-USB cables. They feature a low-profile, reversible design that makes plugging and unplugging much easier because you don’t have to check for the connector orientation. Also, the type-C (USB 3.1) cable provides a faster transmission which means higher-quality audio and video.

Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector


5. Galaxy S9 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Replacing the curved glass on the S9 does not come cheap. With increasing number of smartphone owners experiencing the cracked screen issue, it would be a smart move to take the extra precaution to protect the delicate S9 screen from any possible damage – even when your device is placed inside your bag, it is still susceptible to screen scratches and cracks.

MYBAT’s Galaxy S9 Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers complete edge-to-edge coverage to fully protect the delicate curves of the screen. This premium 9H hardness glass’s rounded corner design enables maximized protection and high resistance to impact and bumps when dropped. The shatter-proof tempered glass is also topped with an oleophobic coating which reduces the appearance of oily residues and fingerprints. Easy application and no air bubbles with this wholesale tempered glass screen protector.

Black Wireless Charger

6. Wireless Chargers 

Wireless charging is no longer a thing of the future. As more and more phones enable wireless charging, it becomes a necessity to have at least one, or two, of these convenient charging pads lying around the house. These are the perfect items to stock at cell phone repair shops, kiosks or retail stores. If the whole family has the new Galaxy S9, they can use more than one wireless charger, stylishly on display for easy use in their office, bedroom, and major household areas they spend time in. 

Valor wholesale a variety of styles including a 2-in-1 wireless charger which can prop up the Galaxy S9 like a media stand or the fast charge wireless charger with two coils which speeds up the charging rate.

Other Items to Stock

Customers love it when they can get everything they need from a single supplier or wholesaler, so it’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve rounded out your wholesale Galaxy S9 accessories offerings with the complete range of accessories.

Here’s the short-list of the other Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories you should stock:

Looking for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? Click here to browse our deep inventory of Wholesale Galaxy S9 Plus phone accessories.

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