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How to charge:
plug one tip of the iPod data cable into DC  IN jack in the battery pack (please refer to the product illustration for DC IN jack)plug the other tip into the computer`s USB jack.When charging, The light is in red. When charge is finished, it is in green.

Suggestion: please do not discharge the battery pack when charging

Connect the other tip of the cable with your devices.

Power indicator:
Press the power indicator when the battery pack discharges or lay aside (please refer to the product illustration),if indicator is in green,that means the prower is enough for using, if in red, need to charge the battery pack. The power indicator is an  independent module, in case of not pressing the power indicator , the module will not consume power of the battery pack.

Chemistry: Lithium-ion Cell
Output Voltage:5V
Output Current: 1000mA max
Charge Time: 5-7 hours (travel charge)
            9-11hours(data cable)
Ac Adaptor :Charge through iPod port
Cycle Life: At least 500 times
Operating  Temperature:-20℃-50℃
Dimension: 102X60X16mm